Pocket Your Dollars Rewards Merchant Ratings

What are merchant ratings? For each merchant or store that is listed on Pocket Your Dollars Rewards, a merchant rating between 1 (low) and 5 (high) will appear. The rating is the average of all of the ratings given by the Pocket Your Dollars Rewards members to that merchant. The rating from each member takes into account their experience with the merchant, whether it was by using a Pocket Your Dollars Rewards link to shop or not.

Why did we institute merchant ratings? When shopping online, trust is an important factor. We want our members to have a trustworthy shopping experience when they click on our links. The merchant ratings allow the members to decide whether to shop with a particular merchant and allow us to decide whether to continue to partner with that merchant.

How can members rate? When a member visits the Pocket Your Dollars Rewards information page for a merchant, the member will be able to choose a rating between 1 and 5. If a member votes again for the same merchant at a later time, it will replace the previous vote. In this way, each member will be allowed to vote only once per merchant.

Can non-members rate? Although non-members can view the ratings for each merchant, only members of Pocket Your Dollars Rewards have the privilege of rating the merchants.