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Member Merchant Rating (1-5): 4.7

Number of votes: 21
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Brandi L. wrote this review on January 26, 2016:
Easy to print coupons, but I don't receive my credit for printed and used coupons.
Ann h. from AL wrote this review on July 10, 2015:
I love for fast printing of coupons. Easy to look at categories to find the coupons I need for a discount Sunshine Bonus daily.
MaryAnn H. from MD wrote this review on April 16, 2013:
I love the coupons and print them often. However, I rarely receive credits for the coupons I print and use.
MaryAnn H. from MD wrote this review on March 08, 2013:
I use daily. I print and use the coupons from there. I've received a few credits, but very few of what I've actually printed and used. Either way I'll continue to use because of the coupons themselves and not the credit I get here.
Margaret S. from TX wrote this review on October 24, 2012: has a really good selection of coupons across many categories. The site is easy to use and quick to print from. Plus, I have received SR credit promptly. Not only am I saving money by using the coupons, but I am boosting my SR earnings as well!
Leslie A. from Texas wrote this review on October 01, 2012:
I love! Love to get paid to save money.
Leslie V. from New York wrote this review on April 12, 2012:
I love for the great coupons, but I rarely get my SR credit.
Garrett D. from Washington wrote this review on October 01, 2011:
what a great idea! This site has all the best coupons. Thanks SR for another great opportunity to save money
Christina S. from New York wrote this review on September 16, 2011:
This site has added a huge savings to our shopping bills. And you can't get any easier than being able to print them out at home. Great selection of coupons as well! Great asset for SR!
Patricia V. from North Carolina wrote this review on September 15, 2011:
Going to to see what's new is part of my daily routine. I save money using them every grocery trip.
Rebecca M. from IL wrote this review on September 10, 2011:
Love Can't shop without the site
Melissa C. from New York wrote this review on August 15, 2011:
I love the coupons on They are for products I would normally buy or would like to try so it's great!! I just used a coupon last week and got the product for FREE!!! Thanks SR!
Tracy from Ohio wrote this review on July 23, 2011:
I love! The coupons save me a lot of money on my shopping trips!
Ron F. from Michigan wrote this review on April 07, 2011:
I love to use They always save me a lot of money on my shopping trips.
Leslie A. from Texas wrote this review on April 01, 2011:
I love! I visit their site frequently to see if they have coupons for things I will be picking up at the store. Getting cash back for using coupons is the best!
Judi L. from FL wrote this review on April 01, 2011:
I love! It's the first vendor I visit each morning when I log into Sunshine Rewards!
kim h. from NY wrote this review on March 07, 2011:
I was so happy to discover that I could get credit for printing coupons on this site since I've been using it for such a long time already. The icing on the cake is now printing one everyday (when there are ones I need)and getting up to $.70 a week. My friends don't call me The Coupon Queen for noth ... Read More
Mary L. from North Carolina wrote this review on January 03, 2011:
I'm so glad is a Sunshine Rewards merchant! I hadn't used internet coupons very often before became an SR merchant, but having on SR reminds me to check there for coupons and also let me know that was a legitimate site. My grocery store (Harris Teete ... Read More
Marisa G. from Wisconsin wrote this review on October 02, 2010:
My printer only prints in black, and I thought I would have a problem using the coupons. But they work just fine at retailers. Love
Robin B. from Oregon wrote this review on September 09, 2010:
I recently saved about $50 by using my coupons on and combining them with grocery store sales. It's really worth it to take a few minutes to match up the coupons from this site to your local grocery store's sales and save BIG!
colleen t. from Pennsylvania wrote this review on August 19, 2010:
I use a lot of coupons from excited to see this change!
lswheatly wrote this review on April 14, 2010:
I was very excited to see that I could print coupons through SR. I use often.
sunshinecindy wrote this review on April 08, 2010:
I'm always surprised at how large some of their coupons are. You don't often find coupons for 1.00 off things, but they have a lot of them on there. I go in and print a couple a day, not all of them that I want at once so I can make money on it everyday instead of waiting for new coupons to come out ... Read More
aharbin88 wrote this review on April 08, 2010:
I have been using for quite some time now, and I have always printed mine through another rewards program. I had no idea that SR offered rewards, too! I will print from here from now on! This is great news! I have saved so much money by using, and now the value is even greate ... Read More
kimntrent wrote this review on December 30, 2009:
Okay I hope that I am the first to review this. I am a avid user. I used to be moreso when Target took them but they stopped right before the holiday season. So now I only use them at CVS and Safeway. I have gotten some great deals with them though. During the holiday's I used them ... Read More     

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